EPUAP Virtual Meeting

EPUAP Virtual meeting 2020


2020 – The most challenging of times: Focusing on contemporary issues in pressure ulcer prevention and management

EPUAP invites you to a one-of-a-kind, interactive virtual meeting within the field of pressure ulcer prevention and treatment!

Due to current circumstances, we have decided to provide our global EPUAP family with a very much needed opportunity to learn about the latest information on pressure ulcers in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn about the best practices and join us for this unique event that will be filled with valuable information, full of networking opportunities and interesting topics.

Practical information EPUAP Virtual Meeting 2020:

  • Date: 24 September 2020
  • Option to transfer abstracts submitted to the EPUAP Annual Meeting Prague 2020 to either the EPUAP Virtual Meeting 2020 or the rescheduled EPUAP Annual Meeting Prague 2021.
  • The new registration process for 1-day event with the minimal registration fee for delegates
  • World-wide access to the Virtual Meeting
  • Industry sponsorship opportunities that will ensure exposure of products to a highly valuable audience
  • Virtual exhibition for companies within the Virtual Meeting

More information on the EPUAP Virtual Meeting will be announced soon.



Registration fees

EPUAP member: 50 €

Non-member: 80 €

Student: 40 €

Fees are without VAT.

Please note that registration is valid for one person. Use the unique opportunity to interact during the EPUAP Virtual meeting in new ways. We are preparing competitions and prizes for active participants.

Main Topics

There are two parallel sessions running at a time. The industry session and teaser session will run in the third parallel. Please note that the programme will be running on 24 September 2020 between 9:00 – 16:30 CET (Central European Time).

Medical device related pressure injuries

Prophylactic dressings

PPE and pressure injuries

Prone positioning – patient perspective and staff perspective

Pressure ulcer aetiology

Guidelines session

Contemporary issues for pressure ulcer prevention & management among children & young adults

Surgical management of pressure ulcers

Industry proposal



3.000 EUR

In your virtual booth, you will have the following options:
• Upload a promotional video of your choice OR do a livestreaming
• Upload pictures/photos of your choice
• Upload your contact details
o Email address
o Telephone number
o Website link
o Location
• Set a description of your company & include anything you want the delegates to know
• Include special deals through coupons, raffles, or giveaways
• Chat with the booth visitors in your message tab
• Attain leads through “Sign up for deals and offers” or the “LIKE” button



3.000 EUR

For additional exposure, become the Meeting’s Sponsor!

• 4 free participants
• Your logo with a company link will appear on:
o Event home screen (large version)
o Bottom of each session
o Attendee profiles
o Top of all pages (on desktop version)
o Epuap.org website
• You will be listed under the sponsors of the conference under the Sponsor list with your logo, contact details and link to your website
• You will be mentioned in the Welcoming session video
• Your logo will be included in all electronic materials
o Newsletters
o Leaflets/Announcements



5.000 EUR

To realize the full marketing potential of this event, we recommend choosing the combination of both options. That means being the Virtual Meeting Sponsor while also utilizing all the benefits
coming from having a virtual booth in the exhibitor hall.


2.000 EUR

Due to limited time, there will be only one industry session in the programme, so make sure you book it on time! EPUAP programme will run in two parallel sessions and it will include key sessions, one free paper session, one student session and a teasers session (short presentation of poster papers). There will be one 45 minutes timeslot available for industry.

You will have the exclusive opportunity to reach out to delegates and present your products and their importance for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. All delegates will have access to your session content for a period of 5 months after the conference.

Please contact us for more information

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