Industry support has played an important role since the formation of the EPUAP, and the ongoing success of Annual EPUAP meetings is due in great part thanks to the support of our corporate sponsors. If your healthcare company would like to become involved, please contact the EPUAP Office at office@epuap.org.

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Characteristics of the EPUAP Cooperating Organisation
  • Official status as a non-profit organisation that focuses primarily on pressure ulcers prevention and treatment and wound care;
  • The organisation represents healthcare professionals;
  • The activities of the organisation are in principle limited to one country within Europe;
  • The objectives, constitution and ethical guidelines of the organisation do not conflict with any of the rules that govern EPUAP.
Section Benefits of being EPUAP Cooperating Organisation
  • Reduced price of individual EPUAP memberships for the members of your organisation (25 EUR annually), which will allow registering for the annual EPUAP conference at the reduced EPUAP registration fee
  • Reciprocal links on websites and right to present the organisation in the Cooperating Organisation section of the EPUAP website;
  • The possibility to profile your organisation in the EPUAP e-newsletter and to promote projects and educational activities on the EPUAP website (reciprocal benefit);
  • Possibility for free distribution of material at the EPUAP booth during the annual EPUAP conference (depending on the location of the EPUAP annual meeting; reciprocal benefit).
Responsibilities of the EPUAP Cooperating Organisation
  • Free exhibition space (including 1 free exhibitor) at the annual meetings of the cooperating organisation and one free insert in the conference bags or one-page advert in the final programme
  • Promote the EPUAP activities and annual meetings on your website, newsletter or through other channels of communication.
  • Follow EPUAP on social media and share the posts in your network (reciprocal benefit)
Become EPUAP Cooperation organisation

The Czech Society for Wound Healing

Website: www.cslr.cz

The Czech Society for Wound Healing is an association whose mission is to unite healthcare professionals and also other people who are interested in the care and treatment of patients with wounds, both acute and non-healing, of various etiologies, improving the situation of the chronically ill, seniors and non-self-sufficient citizens in our country.

Contact: sekretariat@cslr.cz


Tissue Viability Society

Website: www.tvs.org.uk

The overarching aim of the TVS is: “to provide expertise in wound management”. Our Mission is: “to disseminate information, promote research and increase awareness of all aspects of good clinical practice in wound prevention and management”.




Website: www.wondzorg.net

Wondzorg.net brings together nurses, doctors and health care professionals to broaden and disseminate their knowledge of wound care and tissue repair, stoma and foot care. Wondzorg.net works together with national and international partners, organizations and companies to achieve this goal in a permanent and high-quality way. Wondzorg.net specializes in organizing tailor-made courses, conferences and training.

Contact: info@wondzorg.net



Website: www.gneaupp.info

To improve knowledge among health professionals about the prevention and treatment of wounds and to create and support frameworks for research and training on them. To raise awareness among health professionals, institutions and the health system and society in general about the problem of wounds.

Contact: gneaupp@gneaupp.org



Website: www.eduwond.be

EduWond is a unique collaborative platform of Ghent University Association (AUGent), formalised in 2008 to enhance education in wound diagnosis and wound care. Promotion of and contribution to evidence-based practice and financial independency from industry are the key elements in all EduWond activities. To Date, EduWond coordinates the AUGent postgraduate programme for stomatherapy and wound care (30 ECTS creditcs), wound care symposia and workshops, a wound care research working group, and an e-learning application. The aim of EduWond is to pool clinical expertise and insights from scientific research related to wound care and to open it up widely to nurses, midwives, doctors and other professional health professionals through education.

Contact: info@eduwond.be


Swiss Association for Wound Care

Website: www.safw.swiss

“Stronger together” is the motto of the SAfW umbrella company founded in 2016 to unite the two SAfW (Swiss Association for Wound care) associations in German and French-speaking Switzerland. In this field, health professionals from different backgrounds such as doctors, nurses, podiatrists, physiotherapists and others work together to harmonise good practice in wound prevention and management at national level with the aim to improve quality of care and patient safety, develop education and continuing education programmes for health professionals, give priority to inter-professional dialogue and promote research.

Contact: safw@safw.swiss


French section of the Swiss Association for Wound Care

Website: www.safw-romande.ch

Both nationally and internationally, the mission of SAfW-Romande is to gather, centralize, study, and validate all preventive and therapeutic procedures related to skincare and wound healing. the SAfW-Romande aims to harmonise clinical practice among professionals in French-Switzerland, to improve patient care through interdisciplinarity and interprofessional dialogue including the individual as a central care partner, to encourage evidence-based practice, and to support participation in research.

Contact: secretariat@safw-romande.ch


Danish Wound Healing Society

Website: www.saar.dk

Dansk Selskab for Saarheling (Danish Wound Healing Society) aims to spread knowledge about wound healing and to organize and coordinate congresses and meetings about it. DSFS seeks to promote and support education and research in the field of wound healing, including wound types, epidemiology, pathogenesis, pathology, diagnostics, prevention and treatment of wounds of various etiologies. DSFS works actively for collaboration between professional groups, organizations, companies and individuals with interests in all branches of wound healing and treatment.

Contact: post@saar.dk


Italian Association Skin Ulcers

Website: www.aiuc.it 

Associazione Italiana Ulcere Cutanee – Italian Association Skin Ulcers (AIUC)
The association’s chief goal is to promote scientific seminars aimed to disseminate, update and enhance knowledge on physiopathology, clinic, diagnosis and treatment of ulcerative cutaneous lesions as well as improve prevention strategies.

Contact: info@aiuc.it 


The Portuguese Wound Management Association

Website: www.aptferidas.com 

The Portuguese Wound Management Association (APTFeridas) is a non-profit organization that brings together all the health professionals involved in the prevention and treatment of patients with wounds. It’s main objectives are: to disseminate and produce new knowledge; to develop the education of professionals and caregivers; to collaborate with Governmental Institutions in health policies associated to patients with wounds; – to collaborate on the implementation of quality life improvement projects; to research and develop new technologies; to promote principles and rules on wound management; to collaborate with the Portuguese Public Health and other Public or Private Health Organisations; to promote publications and whitepapers.

Contact: aptferidas@aptferidas.com


Swedish Wound Care Nurses Association

Website: www.sarsjukskoterskor.se

Main goals:

  • to strive for excellence in wound management on all levels
  • to share experiences about the wound and wound treatment, and to suggest solutions to these problems
  • to build bridges between Industry and Health care

Contact: info@sarjournalen.se


Initiative Chronic Wounds

Website: www.icwunden.de

Initiative Chronische Wunden e.V has as the main goal to improve the situation of wound patients in Germany and educate nurses and doctors on the topic of chronic wounds.

Contact: organisation@icwunden.de


The Wound Management Association of Ireland

Website: www.wmai.ie

The Wound Management Association of Ireland was established in May 1996 by a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals interested in raising the profile of wound care within Ireland. WMAI Executive was elected at the 2015 National WMAI Conference. The Wound Management Association is a voluntary non-profitable organization whose main objectives are:
~ To promote a multi-professional approach to Wound Management
~ To promote the highest standard of Wound Management through education
~ To promote research into all aspects of Wound Management
~ To disseminate reports and publications relating to the work of the association

Contact: office@wmai.ie

FWCA Partner EPUAP Finland

The Finnish Wound Care Society

Website: www.shhy.fi

The Finnish Wound Care Society was established on 1995. The aims of FWCS are
– to promote multiprofessional co-operation in the prevention of wound problems and in the holistic care of wound patients.
– to promote good quality of care of the wound patients
– to promote multidisciplinary research and experiments for the development of wound care
– to promote professional education in wound care

Contact: info@shhy.fi


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