Pressure Ulcer Guideline Mobile App in 11 languages!

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Did you know InterPIP is now in 11 Languages?!
English | German | Arabic | Slovak | Malaysian | French | Portuguese (Brazilian) | Chinese | Greek | Czech | Spanish

Just go to your settings and select “Language”!

Many Universities, Hospital networks, Health care providers, and Skilled Nursing Facilities, are making the use of the InterPIP app part of their teams every day tools! Get InterPIP for your entire university or workplace today. Just reply to this email and ask how!

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The InterPIP App is a Smart Phone App that brings evidence-based recommendations from the 2019 EPUAP-NPIAP-PPPIA International Pressure Injury Guideline to the bedside. The App is available in 11 languages and has been downloaded in 59 countries.

If you have downloaded the App, thank you! Please evaluate it and help us make it even better. https:/

If you don’t have the InterPIP App, you can download it from the App store on your phone. The App is available for Android and iOS platforms.

Thank you for downloading and trialing InterPIP. We hope you’ll enjoy the complete version!

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