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Open Invitation for Work Proposals – Summary

The Moisture Management Working Group (MMWG) as a technically oriented subunit of the Prophylactic Dressing Standards Initiative (PDSI) seeks science and engineering assistance to advance its technical program.  We solicit help from any commercial, non-profit, or academic consulting organization or laboratory who are affiliated with PDSI and have relevant and appropriate expertise, experience, personnel, and equipment. A Request for Proposal (RFP) was prepared by MMWG to describe needs and expectations for this work.

Due date for submission is July 6, 2023.









  1. The details of the MMWG needs and expectations are contained in “Request for Proposal MMWG 2023May18.” Interested parties may request the RFP from any member of the PDSI executive committee.
  2. The MMWG expects and desires differing ideas and technical approaches at the beginning of this work. Therefore, MMWG might accept proposals from more than one organization if the proposals are complimentary and or overlap, even if the proposals seem to cover similar work. MMWG might also authorize work to be in sequence and or in parallel among different labs, if such staging or duplication may help MMWG and PDSI reach objectives in a timely and cost-effective fashion.
  3. At this time, for convenience and speed of all concerned and for confidentiality of cost information, MMWG requests:
    1. Although the MMWG long term objective is to develop, validate, and qualify potential test methods, do not provide a long-term full scope proposal at this time, i.e. a full scope proposal would begin by drafting an early feasibility version of a method and ultimately end with a completed validation of that method.
    2. Rather, focus scope and work on short term early feasibility. Please determine what work can you accomplish and what objectives can you achieve if initial spending is limited to approximately US $20,000. Please estimate how far your plan might advance the program of work and by what calendar date with that cost cutoff?
  4. Note that MMWG may need or want to iteratively modify objectives and or desired work based on:
    1. Contents and scope of work accomplished via your proposal, and
    2. Results expected at each step and within each separate lab.

Important regarding acceptance of a proposal – if your proposal is accepted by both MMWG and by the PDSI executive committee, the exact financial terms and schedule shall be settled and agreed upon in writing before you begin work.

Timing, steps, and dates

  1. Interested parties are invited to attend a meeting or make a presentation to the MMWG at our next meeting (remote via Teams) scheduled for Tuesday June 20 at 9:30 am USA central DST. The meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss and resolve questions that may come up associated with the RFP and to clarify content if needed.
  2. Please submit your proposal to Paul Kay, MMWG Moderator (email address pkay@polymem.com), no later than end of day Thursday July 6. Of course, no one complains about submissions which are received earlier.
  3. Additional MMWG meetings (remote via Teams) will be scheduled at 9:30 am USA central DST for dates on or after July 10 to allow parties to make presentation of proposals and or for discussion of proposals within MMWG.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the executive team of PDSI and or me on behalf of MMWG.

Thank you.

Paul Kay

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