FREE WEBINAR: Implementing PU prevention protocols into clinical practice

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DATE: 13th of May, 2021
TOPIC: Implementing PU prevention protocols into clinical practice
SPEAKERS: Zena Moore & Helen Strapp

The prevalence/incidence of pressure ulcers are often used as quality indicators and as such are linked to direct clinical care provision. In order to achieve these quality indicators it is important that organisations have consistent adherence to evidence based pressure ulcer prevention protocols. Achieving consistency can be challenging given the dynamic nature of healthcare settings. However, empowering staff to take the lead in pressure ulcer prevention within their own clinical settings has been shown to yield great success. This webinar will focus on how to engage organisations in the implementation of pressure ulcer prevention protocols. In doing so this webinar will discuss how to affect change, what to include in a protocol and will finish with a real world example of a campaign aimed at achieving zero pressure ulcers within a large university hospital.

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