EPUAP 2018

The 20th Annual Meeting of European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel – Interdisciplinary teamwork and technological innovations: A winning approach to pressure ulcer management

12 – 14 September 2018
Rome, Italy


Main topics:

  • Innovations in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment
  • Multidisciplinary approach in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment
  • Neonatal and pediatric pressure ulcer management
  • Incontinence-associated dermatitis
  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Biomechanics and aetiology
  • Telemedicine for remote pressure ulcer management consultations
  • Public and patient involvement in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment
  • Role of nutrition in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment
  • Dermatological, plastic, reconstructive surgery for pressure ulcers
  • Medical device related pressure ulcers
  • Repositioning for pressure ulcer prevention
  • Dressing and dermal substitutes selection


Extras in the EPUAP 2018 programme:

  • EPUAP – Roma Race, an exciting fundraising programme
  • EPUAP Lunch with experts, a unique opportunity to raise your questions
  • Garden EPUAP Class: Wound Care and Environment, the first open-air EPUAP course



Abstract submission deadline: 4 April 2018
Early registration deadline: 4 June 2018


EPUAP 2018 Local Organising Committee:

Guido Ciprandi, EPUAP 2018 Chair, Bambino Gesu’ Children’s Hospital
Charlie Beetham, Skin Care Team, Bambino Gesu’ Children’s Hospital
Marco Cavallini, University of Rome, “La Sapienza”
Serena Crucianelli, Skin Care Team, Bambino Gesu’ Children’s Hospital
Valentina Dini, SIRTES President
Corrado M Durante, ISPeW Executive Member
Paolo Persichetti, Head Plastic Surgery Unit, University of Rome “Campus Biomedico”
Francesco Petrella, AIUC President
Maria Ida Rizzo, Bambino Gesu’ Children’s Hospital
Marco Romanelli, WUWHS President
Valentina Vanzi, Skin Care Team, Gesu’ Children’s Hospital
Mario Zama, Head Plastic Surgery Unit, Bambino Gesu’ Children’s Hospital
Rosa Rita Zortea, AISLeC President

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