Prof. Lisette Schoonhoven

EPUAP Immediate Past President

Lisette is a nurse, and worked in nursing practice for 10 years. She studied health sciences/nursing science and did her PhD in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The clinical topic of both her Master’s and PhD thesis was pressure ulcers. Lisette also has a master in clinical epidemiology. She currently is a Professor of Nursing at the Fundamental care and Safety research group, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton. The research of the group spans the development, evaluation and implementation of high quality care interventions and innovative health services. Lisette’s work focusses on quality and safety of fundamental nursing care, in particular pressure ulcers and incontinence associated dermatitis. Lisette is immediate past president of EPUAP and was the chair of the 2014 international pressure ulcer guideline development group. She is associate editor of the Journal of Tissue Viability, and Fellow of the European Academy of Nursing Science.


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