13th EPUAP Annual Meeting 2010
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Pressure Ulcers: The Flourishing of Science to Support Prevention and Healing


1st-3rd September 2010, Birmingham, UK
Venue: The University of Birmingham

Topics included:

  • Redefining pressure ulcers
  • Pressure ulcer risk assessment tools – friend or foe?
  • How do cells deform, and how might that relate to pressure ulcers?
  • Optical and nano approaches in wound healing
  • Pressure ulcers and dementia- is there a relationship?
  • Why should we assess pain in pressure ulcers?
  • Electrical stimulations to prevent pressure ulcers
  • Animal models of spinal cord injury and their application to understand biomechanical changes occurring in deep tissue injury
  • Electrotactile biofeedback systems for preventing pressure ulcers
  • Repositioning in pressure ulcer prevention and management
  • What is different about heels? A review of the anatomy of the heel compared to other body sites and photographic evidence of the progress of the ulcers
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