The First Official Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment Quick Reference Guide Mobile App!

EPUAP, in partnership with the NPIAP, PPPIA and Sensorydata Corp, proudly announces the launch of the InterPIP App! InterPIP is the Official Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment Guideline [...]

Congratulations for the JWC WUWHS Award!

We would like to congratulate the International Guideline Governance Group for the award in Advances in Pressure Care! More information about this gold award can be found through this link: [...]

The Prophylactic Dressing Standards Initiative (PDSI) work is now underway!

We are delighted to introduce the Executive Board of the PDSI Task Force, which, in addition to the two Co-Chairs Professor Amit Gefen (EPUAP) and Professor David Brienza (NPIAP), includes [...]

King’s College London Study to Develop IAD Manual

Researchers at King’s College London are conducting a study to develop a manual to guide prevention and treatment of incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) – sore skin as a result of urinary or [...]

Become a member of the EPUAP community!

The new membership fee for new members or renewals from 1st January 2021! Starting with January 2021, the EPUAP membership fee will be reduced and more discounts will be available: EPUAP [...]

EPUAP Podcast #1 just released!

Clinical impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers Listen to the 1st episode of a newly released EPUAP podcast on Spotify or Anchor. This episode is [...]

Join the live EPUAP webinar with Amit Gefen

Biomechanics and the impact on PU development LIVE WEBINAR DATE: FEBRUARY 3, 2021 | TIME: 6PM – 7PM (CET) COVID-19 has brought the effects of pressure ulcers (PUs, also known as pressure [...]

Improving pressure ulcer prevention – take part in a survey

Improving pressure ulcer prevention research We are interested in your opinion and are inviting you to complete an online survey about what outcomes you think are most important in clinical [...]


Risk Assessment in Clinical Practice; PURPOSE-T Thank you all who participated in the 2nd EPUAP webinar! For those of you who could not make it live, you can now watch it ON DEMAND. Just register [...]

Join the Live EPUAP Webinar #2

Risk Assessment in Clinical Practice; PURPOSE-T LIVE WEBINAR DATE: DECEMBER 8, 2020 | TIME: 4:30PM – 5:15PM (GMT) REGISTER HERE This webinar will consider epidemiological and biomechanical [...]

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