4th EPUAP Focus meeting 2018

Turku, Finland


21 – 23 May 2018

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4th EPUAP Focus Meeting 2018 hosted byTurku University Hospital (Turku, Finland) and Finnish Wound Care Society.

The Pressure Ulcers in Critically Ill Paediatric and Adult Populations: Science and Practice United

Focus Meeting 2018 Local Organising Committee

  • Maarit Ahtiala, Chair of the conference
  • Carina Bååth, Co-chair of the conference
  • Tiia-Marjaana Repo
  • Leena Berg
  • Tarja Niemi
  • Heli Kallio
  • Noora Lapila
  • Anna Hellström-Aaltonen
  • Anna Packalén
  • Anne Korvenpää
  • Teijo Saari

Programme topics:

  • Introduction to the world of intensive care
  • Risks and risk assessment of pressure ulcers
  • Skin care protocols in critically ill patients
  • Paediatric Intensive Care Unit point of view, demands on neonatal and children
  • Medical devices related to the pressure ulcers in PICU and ICU
  • Challenges in positioning and repositioning in ICU: Haemodynamics and oxygenation
  • Special topics in critical care
  • Outcomes of intensive care
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