EPUAP 2023

EPUAP 2023

The next EPUAP Annual Meeting is taking place in Leeds, UK!

We are very excited to hold the congress in the Royal Armouries from 13 - 15 September, 2022.

Pressure Ulcer Algorithms

Pressure Ulcer Algorithms

On the occasion of the STOP PRESSURE ULCER DAY, EPUAP put together 2 algorithms that can be used as basic guidelines to follow when preventing/treating pressure ulcers.

They can be handed out in hospitals and other healthcare institutions not only to HCPs, but also to patients themselves.

EPUAP Presidency

EPUAP Presidency

Last week the annual meeting of the EPUAP was held in Prague and during the General Assembly, the new president elect was announced.

We would like to extend the warmest welcome to Prof. Andrea Pokorná from the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic who is now taking on this position in the association.



Pressure ulcer prevention in a specific clinical setting: operation theatre

This episode is moderated by the EPUAP Education Committee chair Beáta Grešš Halász who discusses the topic with Andrea Pokorná and Andrea Menšíková.

Official Mobile App of the Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment

Official Mobile App of the Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment

Download the Official Mobile App of the Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment Quick Reference Guide! (subscription-based)

As an interdisciplinary and inclusive organisation representing healthcare professionals from across Europe, the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) stands with all of our Ukrainian colleagues, friends and healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly in the face of immense adversity in Ukraine. EPUAP remains in full solidarity with Ukraine and stands united behind the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. We stand with Ukraine and its people and will continue to support them. We must also be mindful of the impact on the Russian people, many of whom oppose this conflict. We are a diverse and tolerant organization that embraces people from all over the globe to support education, research and improvements in patient care. This has served us well and will continue to do so in the difficult days, weeks and months ahead. EPUAP is supporting all clinicians who are caring for patients and supporting peace.

Click to download the Official Mobile App of the Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment Quick Reference Guide! (subscription-based)


EPUAP represents the whole of Europe. EPUAP will continue to develop collaborative partnerships with national, regional and local associations.
We strive to ensure transparent communication among EPUAP committees and members. Every member is an important part of the EPUAP community.
EPUAP is striving for environmental responsibility and digital efficiency.
EPUAP will keep UN sustainable development goals as a reference point for efforts and initiatives in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

EPUAP is MedTech Trusted Partner.


Guidelines 2019 for better patient care

EPUAP is pleased to be a part of this truly international collaboration. The Guideline Governance Group (GGG) and all small working groups worked intensely at global level to summarize the evidence and to develop practical recommendations to support clinical practice for our patients. We are looking forward to seeing how these new guidelines will be implemented and how they will further support better patient care.

EPUAP: TIME TO MOVE FOR PRESSURE ULCER PREVENTION  – video is available with different language subtitles on EPUAP Youtube Channel HERE.



The European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) provides a platform for clinicians, researchers, educators, policy makers, industry, and the public to collaboratively work on improved health outcomes for those at risk or suffering from pressure ulcers. EPUAP provides EU wide education and campaigns with accessible resources for clinicians and the public and supports international and interdisciplinary research activities and partnerships. An important focus is the development of cross-continent international clinical guidelines to support practitioners in making informed decisions about interventions for prevention and treatment.


Practical information EPUAP Virtual Meeting 2020:

Date: 24 September 2020

  • Option to transfer abstracts submitted to the EPUAP Annual Meeting Prague 2020 to either the EPUAP Virtual Meeting 2020 or the rescheduled EPUAP Annual Meeting Prague 2021.
  • The new registration process for 1-day event with the minimal registration fee for delegates
  • World-wide access to the Virtual Meeting
  • Industry sponsorship opportunities that will ensure exposure of products to a highly valuable audience
  • Virtual exhibition for companies within the Virtual Meeting

More information on the EPUAP Virtual Meeting  and other proceedings will be announced soon. Please bear with us while we are setting up the technical details and the scientific content of the Virtual Event and liaising directly with abstract authors and industry partners.


President of EPUAP Dimitri Beeckman
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